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Jubilee by Chi is focused on you! Well, you and the significant others in your triangle. Our Mood Collection candles contain specially curated stones and/or semi-precious gems along with aromatics designed to stimulate your senses and change the vibe in your atmosphere. Choose the mood you'd like to create, and we'll help you get there!


*Peace [/pēs/]: freedom from disturbance; tranquility


This candle is a beautiful, dreamy silk white and boasts a rich delicate blend of fresh white flowers, coconut, and green cactus blossoms.


It features the following stones:


AMAZONITE (medium aqua + brown, black, and red markings) for Truth and Hope

RAINBOW MOONSTONE (large, white + black specks) for Balance and Harmony

LARIMAR (small, turquoise) for Peace and Clarity

BLACK OBSIDIAN (small, black) for Positivity and Cleansing


As the candle burns, the stones will drop deeper into its base, making them less visible from the top layer of wax as it cools. So the best way to enjoy your stones is to burn the candle!


*We give credit where credit's due. Thanks, Google!


Single 8 oz. Candle

The Mood: /Pēs/

PriceFrom $85.00

    All of our candles are made with creamy, beautiful 100% natural and eco-friendly soy wax or a soy-coconut wax blend. Each batch is hand-crafted with love and care. And each candle within each batch will display unique qualities. We believe this adds to the beauty of our process and marks your gift as one-of-a-kind.

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