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Our hand and body soaps are hand-crafted by master artisans using only the highest quality ingredients. Each long-lasting bar boasts a beautiful, subtle fragrance and a super rich lather that leaves the skin feeling nourished and loved.


Flower Power: The Flower Power bar smells like good fortune. It is soft and sweet with rich, fragrant undertone, and each batch was made with real rose petals!


Island Citrus: The Island Citrus bar smells like sweet citrus fruit with berries and pomegranate. Yum!


Passion Fruit: The Passion Fruit bar has an addictive sweet scent that will have you sniffing your hands throughout the day. It's fruity and delicious, a real must-have!


Bars sold separately, 4.8 oz. each

Everyday Luxe Hand & Body Soap

  • What would the world be like if we had no soap? Soap cleanses dirt, germs, oils, and other unwanted impurities from the skin. This cleansing effect aids with creating conditions needed for healthy skin. And J'ee by Chi's soaps are so silky and delicious, they feel amazing on the skin.