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If you enjoy the Everyday Luxe collection of fragrances, you'll love Jubilee by Chi's Refreshing Room Spritz. An all natural, plant-based alternative to other sprays, this is a great addition to your room fragrance repertoire!


Available in the following fragrances:


Napa: California love! Think lush hills and groves. Think wine and beautiful blue sky. This spritz features pomegranate, mandarin, and grape with a hint of sweet almond. 


Pink Sugar: This fragrance is super sweet, fun, and flirty! Think plump red strawberries mixed with dragon fruit and then rolled in sparkling sugar crystals. Yum! 


Retreat in Paradise: Notes of white tea leaves and fig blend perfectly with a sprig of lemongrass and just a hint of black orchid. 


Spa Day: Crisp notes of lavender and eucalyptus topped with an herbaceous medley of sage, rosemary and lemongrass create the signatures of this fragrance made for meditation or just a quiet moment. 


St. Croix: Notes of sweet clementine, coconut, fresh lime and juicy grapefruit followed by delicious persimmon. To cap off this fragrance is the slightest hint of fresh mint. 



8 oz. | by volume, may weigh more

Refreshing Room Spritz