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Oil bathing is an ancient practice used to nourish the skin and body. Paying homage to the O.G. influencer, Queen Esther of Persia (present-day Iran), the Queen Sugar Oil Bath is a real treat that's perfect for fortifying your skin and hair for life's everyday little encounters.


Fragrant and luxurious, this elixir is made with all natural moringa and cucumber oils and a powerful herbal cocktail.


Brush the warmed oil and herbs into your beautiful skin allowing it to soak into you like fresh rain into a garden. This indulgent addition to your bath or shower routine will leave your skin gently exfoliated, moisturized, soft, and glowing. It's also great for hair. Go ahead, pamper yourself!


8 oz.| by volume, may weigh more

Queen Sugar Oil Bath

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  • The ancient practice of oil bathing is known for improving blood circulation, strengthening the body's immune response, and reducing body aches and pain. The process exfoliates dead and dull skin while supporting the elimination of toxins from the body. Because the oil is applied before you bathe or shower, it creates a moisture-preserving barrier on your skin sealing in the goodness from the oils and herbs. With routine use (at least 3x weekly), skin will be more nourished, softened, and lustrous.

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