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Jubilee by Chi's Shea Body Butter is rich, silky, and velvety soft!


Shea butter is the creamiest and most lavish of the natural butters. Applying shea butter onto the skin or hair creates a moisture-rich barrier between you and the elements that not only protects, but also soothes and heals. Let this seriously moisturizing body butter love on you and leave you glowing. You're worth it!


Appealing to the masses, this balmy treat is lightly scented with a soft, non-perfumy presentation of sweet, fresh, floral herbs.


8 oz. | by volume, may weigh more

Signature Shea Body Butter

  • Shea butter is the queen of all butters. It's perfect for moisturizing and nourishing very dry skin with precision and effectiveness, targeting the source of the drought. Creating a protective layer, the Queen Sugar Shea Body Butter restores balance to your skin by infusing it with a healthy cocktail of plant-based triglycerides, vitamins A, E, and F and antioxidants. This unparalleled blend effectively attacks a variety of skin and hair conditions while promoting blood circulation and healthy skin cell growth.