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If you're a no frills kind of person but enjoy a nice silky bath every now and then, Jubilee by Chi's Silky Bath Oil is made for you. Skip the fizz and get right to the good stuff, the nourishing oils and aromatherapy. Add as much or as little to your bath as you like and sink into the silky, fragrant experience! 


Available in the following essences:


Retreat in Paradise: Close your eyes and be swept away. Notes of white tea leaves and fig blend perfectly with a sprig of lemongrass and just a hint of black orchid.


St. Croix: Silky and soft, this oil boasts one of Jubilee by Chi's favorite fragrances with notes of sweet clementine, coconut, fresh lime and juicy grapefruit followed by delicious persimmon. To cap off this fragrance is the slightest hint of fresh mint. Just close your eyes and breathe in the refreshingly sweet, minty aroma!


Sweet Amber Rose: Sweet and spicy, this sophisticated, layered fragrance boasts scents from a sweet floral bouquet mixed with warm sugar, amber, and absinthe. 


4 oz. | by volume, may weigh more

Silky Bath Oil