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Jubilee by Chi's Silk Body Oil is a great addition to your self-care routine. It's useful for nourishing hair and skin, relieving muscle tension, and promoting restful sleep and centeredness. As a massage oil, you get the benefit of deep relaxation, increased circulation, pain and tension relief, and aromatherapy. Ahhhhh!


Retreat in Paradise: Close your eyes and be swept away. Notes of white tea leaves and fig blend perfectly with a sprig of lemongrass and just a hint of black orchid. Not overpowering and just the right balance, this oil is a must-have!


St. Croix: Silky and soft, this oil boasts one of Jubilee by Chi's favorite fragrances with notes of sweet clementine, coconut, fresh lime and juicy grapefruit followed by delicious persimmon. To cap off this fragrance is the slightest hint of fresh mint. Just close your eyes and breathe in the refreshing sweet, minty aroma!


Sweet Amber Rose: Sweet and spicy, this sophisticated, layered fragrance boasts scents from a sweet floral bouquet with warm sugar, mixed with amber, and absinthe. Sweet Amber Rose Body Oil wraps around you and creates an aromatherapeutic experience for your mind, body, and soul.


4 oz. | by volume, may weigh more

Silk Body Oil

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