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Is it a mist or is it a toner? We call it a spritz -- somewhere in between. The Botanical Spritz is infused with all natural plant extracts, essential oils, and witch hazel making it super effective at both boosting and soothing skin. No matter your reason for a quick refresh, this toner-mist is sure to give you the boost you need.

As a hydrating facial mist, it can soothe your irritated skin and give you a shot of vibrance.


As a toner, you'll be delighted at the way this spray calms inflammation, balances your skin, and reduces puffiness.


This spritz can be applied directly to your skin or over sunscreen and makeup. So go ahead, get your spritz on!



2 oz. | by volume, may weigh more

Botanical Facial Spritz

  • Soothes and freshens the skin. Calms inflamed skin, fights bacteria, and provides antioxidant benefits.