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Take your candles to the next level! Massage candles let you enjoy the aromatic blends made famous by Jubilee by Chi while indulging in relaxing massage therapy.


1,001 Nights: Let the fragrance of 1,001 Nights transport you to another place and time. With notes of fire, wood, and oud blended with jasmine and hibiscus, this scent is deeply relaxing and memorable.


Down Under: Go Down Under to the land of beautiful beaches, vast ocean, and thriving vegetation! Be swept away in fragrant eucalyptus, lemongrass, and sage while floating in the sweet, peaceful, warm waters of the Indian ocean.


Tuscany: The Tuscany takes you to the beautiful hills of Italy where you'll find fields of violets, rose, and orchid. The bouquet is topped off with citrus, rich amber, and sea salt making it one of our most extravagant fragrances.


4 oz.

Massage Candle

PriceFrom $22.49